MTX Audio Sub 3512-04

Implementing many of the same features found on our 75 & 95 Series SuperWoofers, the 35 Series can rock hard and loud for extended periods of time, while maintaining accurate and clean bass throughout the party. You will be impressed.

Valor: $399,00

Características Gerais

• The 3512-04 is a 12" single voice coil, 4 ohm, 250 watt Car Audio Subwoofer designed to deliver outstanding SPL and sound quality in an affordable combination of state-of-the-art MTX sub features...and it rocks.

• Economically priced subwoofers that deliver very impressive bass. Install one in a ported, or sealed, enclosure with a mono amplifier, be ready for "Kicka**" Sound that you wouldnt expect from a subwoofer. "Get ready For UNBELIEVABLE, Breath Taking Bass"

• This subwoofer features a new Inverted Apex surround that increases surface area allowing for more air movement and higher SPL, and a progressive suspension that lowers distortion resulting in improvLow profileed sound quality. This subwoofer also incorporates Spider Plateau Venting which is a mechanical cooling process that targets cool air at the voice coil effectively managing the temperature for long term performance.

• Expanded Surface Area Allows for Increased Volume Displacement and SPL

• Progressive Suspension Controls Excursion at High Power Reducing Distortion

• Inverted Apex Surround with Symmetrical Geometry Controls Cone Movement

- RMS Power (Watts) 250 - Recommended Amp Power (RMS) 125 - 250 - Peak Power (Watts) 500 - Frequency Response 28Hz - 130Hz - Sensitivity 86dB - Voice Coil 1.75" (4.45 cm) - Magnet Weight 56 oz - Mounting Depth 5.313" - Cut Out Diameter 11.125" - Volume Displacement (cu in) 28.53 cu in - Sealed Enclosure Net Volume 1.0 cu ft - Vented Enclosure Net Volume 2.32 cu ft

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Modelo: 3512-04

Fabricante: MTX Audio

Garantia do Fornecedor: 1 mês

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